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Global Eye Care

Surya Eye’s international presence lies in the number of its patients from all over the world, who travel great distances, just to get treated over here. It lies in its State-of-the-art infrastructure that is at par with world standards.
Surya's extensive 'Scientific Research Work' has lead to the publication of numerous International Scientific Journals and is used as reference by many institutes related to eye care globally.
For international pts we offer the following.
LASIK Surgery (Both Eyes)
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What to do to take Care of your Eyes ?

1.It's so important to take care of your eyes, but you may not think about it very often. No matter how much makeup you         put on them or how much you workout, if your eyes look tired or lack lustre it will show.

 2.Be alert for symptoms of vision problems or visual stress including frequent headaches, tired or burning eyes, blurred        vision, difficulty with distant vision, difficulty reading, or doing close work, or trouble reading the blackboard at        school.

 3.Wear proper safety eye wear when doing things like using power tools, playing sports like racquetball, basketball, karate     or kick boxing.

 4.Provide adequate lighting when reading and watching TV.

 5.Take rest breaks from visually demanding tasks and from the computer screen.

 6.Wear proper sunglasses when outdoors and include ultraviolet radiation protection in all eye wear.

 7.Schedule a comprehensive eye health and vision exam every 12 to 18 months to help ensure your correct  eyesight.Especially important if you wear corrective lenses.

 8.Sunlight & Your Eyes: Professionals are recommending year-round use of proper sunglasses to block the potentially harmful  ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Surya enjoys a reputation of pioneering Eyecare for Computer Professionals.

Eye care For Computer Professionals  
Surya enjoys a reputation of pioneering Eyecare for Computer Professionals.
Computers have become an important and integral part of our modern life.  Most of us especially youth and software engineers spend upto 8-16 hours per day looking at the Computer Screen.

This has brought in a host of eye and vision related problems that are experienced due to extensive work on computers.

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Retina Surgery in Mulund-Surya Eye Institute & Research Centre Pvt.Ltd.Mumbai

Retina Surgery
Retinal vein occlusion occurs when the circulation of a retinal vein becomes obstructed by an adjacent blood vessel, causing hemorrhages in the retina. Swelling and ischemia (lack of oxygen) of the retina as well as glaucoma are fairly common complications.
This problem appears equally in males and females and is more common after the age of 60.   


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Care 4 Vision Programme” at Surya Eye Institute (Mulund).

 Director Mahesh Bhatt At Launch of “Care 4 Vision Programme” at Surya Eye Institute 

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Children Eye Care Centre in Mulund - Surya Eye Institute & Research Centre Pvt.Ltd. Mumbai


The vision system of a child is poorly developed at birth. But develops rapidly with a remarkable combination of nerve tissues, muscles and optical lenses that provide the sense of vision.

The information processed by the eyes is sent directly to the Brain and is interpreted as vision. Awareness of location, space , depth, color, shapes provides valuable clues to help us understand our environment.

Eyes Turned InRubbing EyeDrooping Eye

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Cornea Transplant in Mulund - Surya Eye Institute & Research Centre Pvt.Ltd. Mumbai

 Cornea Transplant

A corneal ulcer forms when the surface of the cornea is damaged or compromised.  Ulcers may be sterile (no infecting organisms) or infectious.  The term infiltrate is also commonly used along with ulcer. Infiltrate refers to an immune response causing an accumulation of cells or fluid in an area of the body where they don't normally belong.

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